Friday, 12 August 2011

Places to Visit - Dinan and St.Malo

The Interesting Old Town of Dinan
We loved Dinan.  Wonderful oak timbered medieval buildings, bustling little narrow streets, interesting shops and pavement cafés.  Just our sort of place.  I think the sun shone too whilst we explored.  We had a lunchtime snack in the cafe near to the Basilique Saint Sauveur.  The heart of Bertrand du Guesclin is entombed there.  He was a knight and military commander in the 100 Years War, and known as the Eagle of Brittany.

There is a theatre.  The tourist office is housed in a medieval building next to it.  This building used to be the hotel where the visiting actors used to stay. 

Dinan is well worth a visit.  Next time I'd like to spend longer than just a few hours there.

Dinan Tourist Office (previously Theatre Hotel).  Theatre on the right - off photo.

City Walls of St.Malo

St.Malo was also a lovely surpise.  This busy and attractive walled city was severely damaged during World War 2, however extensive rebuilding has been completed.  This complements the oldest parts of the city.  We really couldn't detect new from old.  You can walk around the walls, which are very wide in parts. 

Mmm.. I wish I'd ordered what you're having!
On one side, you can enjoy voyeuristic pleasures looking at unsuspecting diners enjoying their seafood lunches.  On the other you can see out to the port areas and to the sea beyond.   It was too wet to venture on to the beach, but we watched intrepid youths oblivious to the cold wind and rain enjoying launching themselves off the diving platform.

What rain and wind?

Cold Weather Protection?

The city would be a good base for a longer holiday as it so much more than just a ferry port. 

Take wet weather clothes and warm jumpers.  This chap's fur collar?

It's a POODLE - thankfully still living.


rodgriff said...

Fascinating to read your reports on Brittany. I spent most of my holidays as a teenager in those parts. We mostly stayed around Carnac and La Trinty-sur-Mer, but I think we went to all the places you have described at one time or another.

Curious Fish said...

We loved Carnac. I wrote a detailed post on Carnac with photos. Somehow it got corrupted (see today's post)so I'm going to have to re-write.

vanessa said...

What an eco friendly way of owning a dog. It keeps you warm and you don't have to buy leads. I've always had a soft spot for poodles, so when winter comes ...

love from Sis

Curious Fish said...

My camera's at the ready.