Friday, 12 August 2011

Chateau de Galinée

For the final week of our French adventure we headed back to the St.Malo area, where we were to catch the ferry to Portsmouth.  The site we chose was the Chateau de Galinée, about 25 miles from the port.

It was pouring with rain when we arrived, and hardly stopped for the whole of our stay.  It was unpleasantly muddy which probably coloured our view of the place because the facilities were good, clean modern single sex toilets and shower blocks with loo paper and hair/hand-dryers but no soap.

There are good outdoor and indoor swimming pools.  Unfortunately the excess of water descending from above did not encourage further submersion.  We did use the nice bar and restaurant and enjoyed our meal, although the poor barman and the chef seemed to be running the place single handed the night we went and it was very busy.  The shop was well stocked with the necessities.  There is a children's play area.  We loved the pond area and the antics of the exotic poultry.   

Hen that thinks it's a cat?

Negative points:-

Arriving in the pouring rain to find Reception closed for lunch and a long queue of caravans and motorhomes ahead of us.

Plastic wrist bands (like you get in hospital) which are compulsory for all visitors.  I rebelled and refused to wear mine.

There are hundreds of overgrown trees.  This means that certain parts of the site are very dark and less inclined to dry up following rain.  Few proper paths to get from the dark side of the site to the loos, so permanently muddy feet.  Trees and many hedges are in serious need of pruning.

Wi Fi was fairly costly and only available in the bar/restaurant.

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