Thursday, 24 March 2011

Expensive mistake at the airport

Travelling Thomas Cook airplanes is costly. Just suffered the embarassment for the first time ever of having to unpack my luggage in front of at least a million people because our very reasonable two cases and two flight bags were overweight. After transferring stuff from hand luggage to cases to get each bag under 5ks, the cases were 8ks overweight so we had to pay £64!!!! Horrors. AND I had to throw away my tupperware box of salad. An expensive lesson learned - buy your toiletries when you get there, force yourself to buy the airport food, or prolong your diet for another day!! I was warned that the £64 is 'one way' so I will be giving stuff away before we travel home.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


While Curious Fish has been battling with the world of Blogs I've been involved in the annual adventure caused by the MOT process. Wanda our motorhome is over 8 metres long and weighs in at a graceful 5 tons. I have to stay with her throughout her MOT and hold her 'hand' by driving her onto hydraulic inspection ramps, peering nervously down from giddy heights whilst she has her private areas inspected by the MOT technician and driving her onto mobile roadways whilst she has her brakes tested.
Hooray she's been given a clean bill of health 

First post

Phew! By the time I moved this blog from Grasshopper's account to mine, I feel I've run a marathon this morning. Still - we've had a triumph getting to grips with the techspeak and managing to do it between us. I should be holiday packing, plus I need to go to the shops to see if I can buy a casual linen type jacket that goes with everything.

We're off to Lanzarote. We've never been there so it will be a chance to blog some news and views. If anybody reads this by Wednesday night - we'd love to have your recommendations.