Thursday, 18 August 2011

Blogger Frustration

Last week I went back into the Carnac post I'd previously published to add some more information and photos.  The photos took an age uploading, finally resulting in a warning sign saying 'server rejected'.  It was late so I thought I'd try again the next day.  This was not to be.  The 'compose' box is full of gobbledegook that looks suspiciously like HTML and refuses to go back to the original.  I searched the help topics, and posted a question.  Someone has been trying to help me find a solution, all to no avail.  I think s/he has given up, so I think I will have to delete the draft and start again.  Curses.  All that work!

Grasshopper and I recently joined Worcester Writers Circle.  We are both enjoying the fortnightly meetings.  Established members of the group are successful writers who have been welcoming and very willing to share their extensive knowledge and experience with us new 'uns.

They also have an informative website and blog

Another blogger frustration though - I have tried to post a comment today on the Circle's blog and it keeps being rejected, but it doesn't say why or what I have to do to put it right.  UGGHH!!! Hair pulling time.  Perhaps not.  At my age every strand counts.
Ain't new communication great when it works?


rodgriff said...

I always write blog posts in Word and then copy and paste into blogger, that at least seems to get around the frustrations when something goes wrong in mid post. My wife, Lois, who writes several blogs still typres directly into blogger some of the time, but she knows that if it crashes it's her own fault.

The rejected comments thing is a different frustration. I often read on my ipad and sometimes it seems to be impossible to commen from that. Try the same blog on the desk machine and it works. There is no sense to it.

Deniz said...

hi! happy days!:)

vanessa said...

Curses indeed! I really feel for you.

Curious Fish said...

Thanks folks for all your encouragement. I'm trying to summon up the energy to redo the Carac post. It will be a précis.