Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 Review, Spring

April: Grasshopper and I volunteered to support Worcestershire Literary Festival with the  'Literally in a Day' at The Hive, Worcester's new, iconic University and Public Library.  The building was still to be completed before being officially opened by the Queen.  The public came in droves to the day to see what the new library had to offer and many attended WLF's workshops.  Members of Worcester Writers' Circle (me included) read some of their humorous stories.  Volunteers took it in turns to look after the WWC stand, support the workshop leaders and answer queries.  Young people recited some of their brilliant and inventive poetry, as did the 2011-2012 Poet Laureate Theo Theobald.

My trike riding adventure round Rutland Water made me determined that I was not going to spend the rest of my life being denied the joy of cycling.  Two wheelers were out.  I'm too old to bounce. So I set about researching tricycles on the internet.  Eventually I decided on a British made, folding Pashley that I bought locally.  Because it just bends in the middle it doesn't fold very small, however with a bit of manoeuvring it does fit in the back storage compartment of Wanda (motorhome), along with Grasshopper's new bike.  And yes it has been away with us.  I'm proud to say I've ridden it at home, elsewhere in England and in France in 2012.  The bad weather towards the end of 2012 and so far in 2013,  brought cycling activities to a temporary halt, however we've had a nice couple of days here so I'm getting in the mood again.

May: We spent a splendid two weeks in Northumberland visiting family.  Enjoyed spending time with Mum and went with Sis to a weavers', spinners' and dyers' event and bought some lovely combed, dyed hanks of sheeps wool (called roving).  Sis has infected me with her interest in felting so we also went to Feltwerk in Hexham where Carolin showed us how to make Summer Fairies.  Photo will be included here if I can ever manage to get Blogger to upload pics into my blog again. 

I had visions of myself in a floral cotton frock, hair flowing behind me, cycling along french country lanes.  From a basket on the back, a red and white gingham table cloth peeps out.  It conceals du fromage, un bouteille de vin rouge and des baguettes.  Forget the fact that I have shortish hair, I didn't have the basket!  The one made by Pashley (black, plastic coated wire) is a £90.  Ridiculous!  So I found the perfect one on the internet.  A cat carrier, black, plastic coated wire - pretty similar.  With postage it was about £25. Sorted.  Secured to the frame between the back wheels with some black plastic coated chain and small padlocks it works a treat.  Course it does mean that when I'm out with Grasshopper I carry all the coats, flasks, shopping.  We haven't managed a proper picnic yet.  The weather just hasn't been good enough. 

The Olympic torch went through Worcester.  It passed about a mile from where we live.  I surpised myself by feeling very pleased and privileged to see it being run past me, held aloft by one of the bearers.

June: Grasshopper's birthday.  His bike was his pressie.  Most of the month focused on Worcestershire Literary Festival.  Worcester Writers' Circle put on two events - 'Worcester Sauce' (saucy stories) and 'You can't be Serious' (humorous stories).  The new Worcestershire Poet Laureate was selected at the Launch Event.  Maggie Doyle has been a fantastic PL during 2012-2013, and a great supporter of the year round Worcestershire Literary Festival events.  Grasshopper and I volunteered to be 'on the door', 'meet and greet' and most importantly take ticket money at many of the WLF events over the 10 day period.  It was all good fun.  One of the perks was that we got to hear many of the speakers for free!  Roll on the WLF in June 2013.  See you there.

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