Friday, 26 August 2011

Writer's Bottom. It's worth it!

'Writers Bottom' - a picturesque thatched hideaway located in a sunny glade and purchased by writer with the proceeds of her best sellers?  Regrettably not.  Although if I'm ever lucky enough to be in the position to buy that cottage I think I will call it Writer's Bottom.

Yesterday was a lucky day.  I had two articles published with photos.  What a thrill!  After our enjoyable visit to the Great Western Motorhome Show on Saturday (see Rootin Tootin post 22nd August) I came home a wrote a short piece for the Worcester News and emailed it off to them with four or five pics.  They printed it with two of the photos yesterday morning. 

Later in the day, Jan and Terry, motorhoming friends we'd met up with at the Show, emailed to say they'd spotted my site review about Fallowfield Dene, Hexham, Northumberland in the current issue of MMM magazine.  Well it was news to me as I hadn't heard a thing.  Frustratingly we weren't able to read it ourselves until Sainsbury's put them out for sale this morning.

For more information about things to do in Northumberland visit my posts 15th May, 2nd and 3rd June 2011.

Anyway I'm still walking on air, which makes a change from sitting tapping away on the PC or laptop developing my - yes you guessed it - writer's bottom.

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