Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Motorhoming and Accessing the Internet

Robin getting in on the free WiFi
We imagined we'd have less difficulty accessing the internet as we travel around in our motorhome.  I admit that I have become addicted to activities that somehow involve daily internet access.  I didn't mean for this to happen but I've found that when I'm away from my daily broadband fix I have withdrawal symptoms.  I notice that I'm not the only one.  At the campsites in France where reasonably priced, or better still free internet access was available, droves of men and women jostled for space in the optimum WiFi coverage areas, braving rain and wind and dodgy reception in order to email and blog. 

At L'Orangerie de Lanniron near Quimper where the cost overcame my desire, we were willing to lose ourselves on the confusing road system just so we could find a McDonalds and free WiFi (pronounced WeeFee in France).  Yes we did eat there.

We also stayed longer than we'd originally intended at sites that provide free Wifi (Kawan Village Le Moustoir near Carnac, Camping Le Cabellou Plage near Concarneau, La Ferme Lann Hoëdic near Sarzeau) so benefitting the local economy.  Please see my relevant posts for links.

In Britain the Caravan Club is expanding the number of sites with access to the internet (currently 120).  Costs have reduced over the years, and is now between £5 for 5 hours and £40 for 100 hours that can be used over a 6 month period.  http://caravanclub.co.uk/

As a newly retired person of restricted income I needed to reduce my costs at home for telephone and broadband so decided to wave goodbye to BT (that saga has to be a subject of a future blog).  Using the internet of course to research my best options I went for Plusnet (owned by BT - but hopefully more efficient and less costly, however it is too early to say) and got the deal through comparison website Simplifydigital.  At that time they were offering a free dongle to get 'WiFi on the move' for a month - so naturally that swung the deal.  It took a while and another phone call before they sent it to me, but I was politely treated by a very nice girl who understood what I was saying, and I understood her.  She sent it to me by return with a very nice letter. So a big gold star and grateful thanks to D.Mistry, Sumeet Maru and Simplifydigital for good customer service.  For more info go to http://simplifydigital.co.uk/

Have any of you got any useful advice about free or cheap internet access in Britain and Europe?  If so I'd love to hear from you.

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