Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ville Close, Concarneau's Walled City

Construction of the old walled city of Concarneau, Ville Close, began in the 14th Century.  The sturdy walls rise from the rocky outcrop on which the town is built. Inside the walls is a thriving small town of narrow cobbled lanes. We filled many happy hours wandering through the historic streets, looking at the lovely timber framed houses.  We mooched through the shops and galleries, enjoyed lunch one day in one of the many restaurants, and had hot drinks to warm oursleves in Salons du Thé. 
The Bridge from the Fishing Port into Ville Close
You can drive to Ville Close from Le Cabellou Plage on the main road.  Park on the quayside next to the
Tourist Information Centre  and walk across the bridge to the walled city. 
Through the Arch is a Town of Delights

0.80c pour un aller simple

On the Ferry and Dressed for Winter
We found it much more fun to take the short drive from Le Cabellou Plage to the quay at Le Passage, park for free and then catch le petit bateau - the ferry, for the short trip across to Ville Close to enter the city from the sea.  This costs only 0.80c each way, or buy a book of tickets for 5 euros 70c.
It was cold and windy or wet the twice we went over.  Despite being a chilly Concarneau when we visited, it didn't dampen our enthusiasm for the place.    The narrow streets still bustled, the granite buildings and the timber framed houses were just as picturesque. 
The Top of the Town near the Ferry
Mmm - What to Choose?
Un Cheval au Chocolat
One of the shops we loved was the Chocolaterie.  Visit here and be enveloped in a smell that is like a warm chocolatey hugg.  I defy anyone to walk in and not come out with a treat.  I'm not a chocolate fiend but I just had to help Grasshopper eat some of his luxury pick and mix chocs.  They do wonderful expensive gift selections - which can only be for the very well off or the seriously addicted.  The sugar craft and chocolate scupltures that are displayed were incredible.      

A Sweet Dragon - literally.



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