Thursday, 30 June 2011

Curious Fish Shop in Ville Close and everywhere in Brittany.

Heading off towards the Tinned Fish Emporium
 in Ville Close
The people of Brittany must be great tinned fish eaters.  We first saw a shop dedicated only to the promotion and sale of tinned and otherwise preserved poisson in Quimper.  We thought it must be a lone optimist's business enterprise idea that would surely be destined to fail, purely through lack of variety.  How wrong were.  Since then we have discovered that the tinned fish shops are everywhere. 

They must be part of a chain, or a franchise.  Does anyone out there know?

The shops are very attractive and on closer inspection sell a fairly wide range of tinned fishes.  Sardines in everything you can imagine, pilchards in everything, mackeral in everthing, tuna in ....., well you get the idea.  The assistant in the Ville Close branch of Fishes R Us (no it isn't really called that) let me take some arty shots, so of course we had to buy two tins of soupe de poisson, which we have now consumed.  It was delicious. 

I wondered if tinned fish shops are aimed mainly at tourists.  A Tourist Attraction.  Do people from countries deprived of sardines in tomato sauce head to Brittany to find and buy from tinned fish suppliers? 

This is certainly another example of a nation cleverly exploiting it's natural resources (see previous blogs - Lanzarote/Volcanoes). 

Further investigation into the popularity of tinned fish showed that all hypermarkets, supermarkets and local épiceries have enormous displays of it.  So the French must eat it too. 

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Grasshopper said...

Only regret about Concarneau was that we didn't carry away enough tins of Soupe de Poisson