Monday, 28 January 2013

Autumn Quarter 2012

Our French trip in September and half of October was great, although the weather wasn't brilliant.  Another chance to practice our French which does improve as we travel about.   We journeyed down from Dunkirque through Picardy, the Somme area, Orleans then Tours.  We meandered along the Loire Valley to Saumur, then up north to Le Mans and Neufchatel before staying the last night in a waterlogged field at a campsite near Calais. 

I plan to write some more articles in 2013, about our travels and the places we stayed in the hope of getting them published.  So will save most of the detail for these, but will return to my blog in 2013 with some pics and highspots of our trip.  Right now though I'm hurrying on so I can finally get to Christmas and then to this year - 2013.

When we returned to England we spent a pleasant couple of days with our lovely family in the South East before travelling home. 

We had a treat in October organised by our WLF friends.  A wonderful walk on the Malvern Hills, in fog (so no views) with poetry along the way from some very talented people before returning to the Malvern Hills Hotel for refreshment and more poems by local writers.  Another great fundraiser for the festival.  Everyone enjoyed it so much that we have a Malvern Midsummer's Eve Walk planned to take place during the Literary Festival in June this year.

There was another family trip to Northumberland, with a Hallowe'en party at Fallowfield Dene in November.  Then on to the end of the year with plenty of story writing and reading action through the writers' circle and the very lively spoken word groups that exist in our area.  A friend's book launch (Girl's Got Rhythm by Polly Robinson), the launch of WLF Flash Fiction Anthology (Grasshopper has a story in it) and an adaptation of A Christmas Carol, read by members of WLF and the Writers' Circle at the Guildhall during the Victorian Christmas Fair.

Christmas was spent with the younger members of our lovely family and our daughter in law's parents in the South East.  A truly full and happy year that we are so thankful for.

Once again I have been foiled in my attempts to load photos.  Why?

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