Thursday, 5 January 2012

Mosaic Table - C'est Fini

I'm very happy with the finish on the mosaic table I started way back in the autumn.  After my last post on it (13.12.11), I rubbed a fine sandpaper block over the sharp edges of the smaller tile pieces, mixed some more grout, tinted it with acrylic paint and covered the whole top with another layer.  After I'd cleaned it off and given the mosaic a polish with a soft cloth I finally achieved the smooth finish I wanted.  It proved to be a very useful additional table for guests' drinks over Christmas and New Year.  As I had plenty of tiles left over, I mosaic-ed another two tables with toning tiles, but different patterns.  I'm keeping photos of those two just in case I write a book about crafts!

I've started a new craft, again thanks to Kirstie Allsop who demonstrated needle felting in her programme, and to Grasshopper and Sis who between them bought me the tools, book and materials to get started.  My first attempt is a flower shape, which I'll either make into a brooch or a picture!

While I'm on the subject of crafts, a new craft materials shop has just opened in Worcester.  It's great to see that entrepreneurial spirit continues despite messages of financial gloom we keep hearing.  I found Crafty Mo's shop yesterday and had a good chat with Mo who was very informative and helpful.  She told me about the craft workshops she is planning to start in the next few weeks.  I bought a lovely scarlet wool roving to add to my collection of wools for needle felting.  If you live in the Worcester area, like shopping in small local shops and want to know more, you can find Crafty Mo's page on Facebook.

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