Friday, 3 June 2011

Et maintenant mes amis, en France!

Of course we arrived at Portsmouth three hours too early for the ferry to St.Malo.  Well you need plenty of time for stops at our age.  There were cars already in line when we arrived but we were first in the queue for caravans and motorhomes.  Of course we had an advantage over the cars.  We could make cheese and ham sarnies and cups of tea, but once that was done what to do?  We still had 2 hours and 30 mins until cast off.  So we sampled the delights of the loos and Costa coffee in the spanking new terminal.  Both excellent. 

First in Line and Three Hours to Go
We knew from past experience because of the size of Wanda and Daffy that we would be last to board (apart from the pantechnics, or pantechniques en France?) and so we were.  We'd booked a cabin so managed to sleep for few hours.  But first we tried out le francais at the bar (well any idiot can manage 'je voudrais deux verres de vin rouge' can't they?).  Of course they confounded us by offering deux varieties (in french) so we took pot luck and tried to repeat one of them in a devil-may-care french way.  Anyway what we got tasted fine, so 'heureux jours' et 'a votre sante'.  I can't put the graves and accents in this using blogger, so my attempts at writing French doesn't look right.  Can anyone help?


annacase.t21 said...

Bonjour neighbours!
Just having a quick catch up with your blog. I know how to add the accents in Word, so I just googled adding them in Blogger and came up with this link:

Hopefully that will work!

Everything is fine with the house, the diggers are getting noisier and there was a lot of noise at the Cinderella works yesterday!

Bon voyage! et à bientôt!!
Anna (et trois petits singes!)

Curious Fish said...

Hi great to hear from you and great tip thank you. Will try it. Pleased everything OK at home.