Saturday, 14 May 2011

Jacuzzi Walking

You may not have heard of it but there is a new sport called Jacuzzi Walking.  Our very nice neighbours in the next apartment at Club Tahiti, (I shall call them Bert and Gerta) practiced it every day all day when we were there.  Gerta invented it and told me all about it. 

Every day after breakfast Bert and Gerta entered the Jakuzzi, leaving only for lunch and calls of nature and finally when the sun went down.

The sporting moves are mostly carried out when lying on your back in the water, although it is necessary to rotate from time to time.  Gerta explained that when she lies back and paddles her feet she is in fact hiking to a volcano in the distance.  She asked Grasshopper how far he thinks she has walked up the volcano by the end of the day.  He promises to work it out and let her know the next day.  This he does and she is delighted to find out that at a reasonable walking pace of 3 miles an hour she will have walked 21 miles in her 7 hour day, probably the distance to the volcano and two thirds towards the top.  Say she walks 12 of the 14 days then she will have walked 252 miles during her holiday.  Bert and Gerta have stayed at Club Tahiti 8 times.  That's a fair bit of walking over the years.

Jacuzzi Walking - the Volcano is in the background.

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