Friday, 1 April 2011

Midair Mishaps and Kindness

Even after eating half of Grasshopper´s sandwiches, I was feeling a bit peckish after throwing my box of salad away. Still stinging after paying the 64 pounds excess baggage fee I was reluctant to boost Thos Cook´s coffers too much - so tea, soup and two mini bottles of red were purchased (must avoid de-hydration when travelling). They joined the half litre of water purchased at WH Smith, my book and glassses already on a small flap-down tray. Not a problem until I tipped the almost full cup of Ainsley Herriott veggie soup into my lap. Hot, hot, hot! I desperately offloaded the drinks from my tray to Grasshopper´s across the aisle whilst whispering ´'Ring for the Attendant, ouch, hot soup´' in an urgent, pseudo calm way. In seconds I was whisked down to the loo, curtains drawn, wet towels and soothing gel provided for calming scalded parts. Once the scalding subsided I started scraping off sweetcorn and peppers from pink cashmere jumper (Tesco´s  - but hey) and denims, then soaking the affected clothing with cold water. After taking the walk of shame up the aisle, I settled into my seat, gratefully accepted the kind concern from all around, then downed the two mini reds (to combat the shock). The clothing had dried by the time we touched down, although I did smell like the AH Veg Soup until getting to the apartment and doing my laundry a couple of hours later. I am grateful to my flight neighbours and Thos Cook flight attendants for their help and kind concern.

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